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Policies and code of conduct

League/Tournament Policies and Code of Conduct
1. This League/Tournament is organized to provide competitive, fun, and safe volleyball for everyone.
All participants are to conduct themselves with the highest level of sportsmanship.
2. The League/Tournament organizers shall have the power to eject any player for violation of the rules, policies and codes of conduct. If ejected, the player will forfeit the League/Tournament entry fee.
3. Players assume full responsibility for their well-being, including safety, personal items, and illnesses at all times while on the League/tournament grounds.
4. Players must play at their own risk. The League/Tournament Host is not responsible for any injuries that occur during games or on the league/tournament grounds.
5. All players are required to participate in officiating as well as setting and tearing down the court.
Any player that refuses to do so will be suspended from the league.

Each team will provide 2 of their players to referee the following match that they play.
6. Alcohol is not permitted on the League/Tournament grounds at any time.
7. Offensive language, emotional outbursts, and the use of profanity will not be tolerated at any time.
8. The referee’s decisions are final. The referee has the power to suspend any player from a game for any violation of the rules.
9. By registering for the League/Tournament, both team captain and individual player agree to abide by all rules, policies, and codes of conduct and it is the team captain's responsability to inform each member of his/her team.
10. We virtually never cancel an event. League/Tournaments are not canceled because of rain. In the highly unlikely event that we do cancel an event due to a hurricane or similar event refunds will be given.

Download the document to sign it.

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