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Investor builds a better quality of life, rather than another condo

Clearwater, Florida. It's a scene you would normally see on the beach. But the beautiful sand isn't anywhere near the surf. The paradise is located along US 19 south of Ulmerton Road. Owner Alan Hafez says it's not just a business, it's his dream.

Alan Hafez, Club V:
It's a professional volleyball court as well as a place where everyone can feel comfortable after coming home from work.
The non-profit facility is called Club V. It's the largest outdoor volleyball facility in the country.

As an investor, Hafez has spent plenty of money on building new condos, but not this time.

Alan Hafez, Club V:
I was not going to. This piece here was the last piece of land in the TampaBay area on US 19 that was not developed.
Bars like Kahuna's and Gebe's offered beach volleyball, but stopped because they wanted to develop the land. It was frustrating for volleyball players like Denise St. Clair. who didn't want to travel all the way to the beach.

Denise St. Clair, Volleyball Player:
It was a little bit of a depressing thing, but then when we found out about Alan's we were very excited.
Alan says he went to city officials asking for help in building the facility, but was turned down.

Alan Hafez, Club V:
Nobody really wanted to help. No it's not in our budget, it doesn't serve the community, we have we don't have the money for it.
But now with professional tours like the AVP planning to come here, he says it's all turning around.

Alan Hafez, Club V:
This will bring a lot of economic stimulus to the bay area. That tour brings 16-thousand people in one day or two days.
This former Olympic volleyball player hopes his facility will help others follow their own dreams of playing professional. But he says he needs more people to come and play in hopes of breaking even.

Valerie Boey, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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