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Volleyball Enriches Lifestyle at Feather Sound

By Carollynn Chisena Crystal Bay Resident.

Volleyball continues to enrich the lifestyle and community experience at Feather Sound as a fun, recreational and great social event held weekly at the Earl R. Maize Recreational Park.

For the past 2 years, Audubon Villas resident and Club V founder, Alan, a former professional volleyball champion, has led Feather Sound's Club V a recreational co-ed volley ball club.

All Feather Sound residents are welcome to join.

As a new resident to Florida, I wanted a way to meet new friends and get to know my neighbors at Feather Sound.
I also wanted to enjoy the great Florida weather and get some exercise.
I had never really played volleyball before so when I started to play, it was a relief that Alan coaches and explains the rules as you play along during the games.
Everyone is helpful and encouraging.

Alan has created a positive atmosphere with a cross mix of players that makes playing fun for all levels.
I like the idea that you don't have to invest in clothing or equipment to play.
Since the volleyball is played on grass you can wear sneakers or bare feet, the wardrobe is casual, shorts and t-shirts.

Often after the games, everyone goes to lunch or dinner at the local eateries or a member's home.
About once a month there is a pool party or picnic after the games.
Everyone brings food, his or her friends and families.

The group often has outings to the movies, tennis, bowling, concerts, local community events and festivals.
Last month Club V hosted a Team Building Outing for HSN.com. The Internet Division of the Home Shopping Network.

As the Director of HSN.com at the Home Shopping Network, I invited the staff to join the group for a night of fun and teamwork.
This offered the HSN group an opportunity to get to know each other better outside of the office and offered the volleyball club members a chance to network and get to know people from a major company in our community.
The quality of life in the Feather Sound community is dependent on the involvement of the residents, so I encourage all our neighbors to play and participate in our community.

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