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Join Club V and enjoy fun with new friends !

By Jim DeLosh

You may have seen the fliers posted around the Feather Sound area and at nearby apartment complexes.
Maybe you've driven past the Earl R. Maize Recreational Complex on Feather Sound Drive and seen the VOLLEYBALL sign and a group of people playing.
You may have wondered, What's the deal with that, anyway?

It's Club V volleyball !

I've been playing for a couple of years now, and it's a lot of fun.
It is NOT ultracompetitive. Nobody is going to scream at you for missing a shot. We are simply a group of friends who show up at 10 AM Saturday morning and 6 PM Thursday night to play volleyball.

Don't know how to play ? Don't worry. The founder and organizer, Alan, is a three-time Olympian from the Egyptian National volleyball team.
He teaches new members the basics so that everyone feels comfortable.
And he does it in a positive, easy-going way that makes you feel like a part of the group very quickly.
Other members like myself who have played for a while are also happy to help new members.

Club V is a great way to meet people right in your own community and from other parts of Tampa Bay.
I have met many new friends through the volleyball group.
We often go out and do things after we play or at other times during the weekend.
Once a month Alan sets up an outing to Fort De Soto or another local park for a cook-out/volleyball party.

The group also gets together for non-volleyball outings. Many nights, several of us will play tennis at the Feather Sound courts. Alan recently organized a Friday night galactic bowling party. A couple of our members have put together deep sea fishing and diving trips. In fact, a deep sea fishing trip is planned for the July 4th weekend !

But this is not just a sports club. Some nights, group members get together and go to a movie. Alan has also struck a deal with the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) that allows group members to go to the museum all year for only $25.
That includes admission to any IMAX film currently playing.
And right now, a dinner and gambling cruise is in the works.
Alan always calls or notifies us through e-mail about these different events.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join. Our members include single people, married couples and families. I am glad I joined. It has allowed me to expand my circle of friends and meet a lot of good people. And as the saying goes, you can never have enough friends.

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